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29th-Apr-2013 11:46 pm - uhm.. sorry
"Love thoughts" made by StrangeFantasy
Hello there.
First I want to say SORRY for beeing the last time away - Lifes a bitch.
Buuut I try to come Back - The StrangeFantasy is back in Town ^^

Hope everyone's okay
*hugs and kiss to everyone* :*
28th-Apr-2010 12:06 am - R.I.P.Gabriel- Part 1
J/D Moments by Strange Fantasy
Hey guys. After the last episode from Supernatural I have to do this, for one of my absolute fave character.. gone...
Dear Gabriel: Thanks for every moment of happy joking. Thanks for the moments you teach the boys, help them to find their way again.
You died of brothers hand, you loved. And we will miss you. I will miss you.
In Love, me *hug*

so here are the first 50 icons from my big project(remember in witch number of episode he go away): R.I.P-Gabriel - 101 momentsCollapse )

pls don't forget the credit and telling me if using ^^
7th-Mar-2010 07:02 pm - what a happy art day
j²=love made by Strange Fantasy
My world is happy again y333 I have my lovely and awesome photoshop again!! Oh my love, how I missed you.

and now, your see, what I done.

Hope you love it like I do ;)

ARTSCollapse )
5th-Mar-2010 09:28 am - icons :D
"keep smiling" made by StrangeFantasy
after a little talk with an awesome person in the morning I was creative again :D
made a little icon-thing ;)
have fun with it :D

ICONSCollapse )
23rd-Feb-2010 08:43 am - Icons
"come back" made by StrangeFantasy
Good morning guys. Yesterday night was a long night and my muse was good to me ^^
so I can show you new stuff from me ;)
don't forget credit and telling, if using ;) like everytime ^^

14th-Feb-2010 07:58 pm - Fanart
j²=love made by Strange Fantasy
Uh and sorry for spaming, but the most important thing I forgot...
I made a fanart.not really V-day, but I think, it could be some ;)
jared had something important to say:

byaaa babies ;)
10th-Feb-2010 09:48 pm - Icon-post ^^
j2-racing made by Strange Fantasy
I was boring and my muse kissed me ;) so here I have a banner with icon ^^
have fun *huggles*



don't forget the credit and don't forget telling me, if you use it :D
13th-Dec-2009 09:06 pm(no subject)
j²=love made by Strange Fantasy
So guys,
here is my promised picspam.playing ^^
I do it for ckll , because, she give us soo many wonderful moments and pic games ;)
you see, hun, I love it, too.
first, its a little one...and I don't know, everything is okay, but I hope, its fun for you ^^

little picspam game ;)Collapse )
28th-Jun-2009 11:58 pm - ~*Perfect moments~* FF-J²
j²=love made by Strange Fantasy
Title: perfect moment
Genre: romance
Characters: Jared/Jensen
Ratings/warnings: romance xD
Word count: 342
Disclaimer: I own nothing. The guys only own themselves
Note from me: here's my first longer story in english. Thanks sooo damn much to seschat for inspiring me and supporting and a lot o kisses and thanks to heartsonwings for beta and love :D have fun with it :D
Summary: An evening after a hard day
thanks for readingCollapse )
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